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  • Challenge to CHANGE

    Challenge to CHANGE

    8 Week Fat Loss Contest. All contestants must join us in a meeting on March 12th to discuss contest, goals, and answer any questions. Contest prizes awarded to Overall Weight Loss % and Most Inches.  Includes 2 Mix n Match Classes with the price.  4 out of 5 weigh-ins are mandatory.  Click here view in new window

  • Cardiovascular Training For Weight Loss And Metabolic Boost

    Cardiovascular Training For Weight Loss And Metabolic Boost

    Before starting cardiovascular (Cardio) training or any other exercise program make sure to consult with your physician. Also you will need to understand a few things about losing weight with cardio training. Tip #1 Do NOT start RUNNING!!! Running shouldn’t start until you have built a solid overall foundation of strength and flexibility so that you can avoid common running injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, Iliotibial band syndrome, plus numerous of other injuries. What the majority of people think is that running is the fastest and most effective way to lose weight because it supposedly burns more calories. Which in reality those types of calories that are being burned are NOT the correct type of calories (energy) you want to be burning to lose that unwanted body fat. So let me explain what I mean…with an activity like running our bodies are forced to use up a lot of muscular energy (type of calories burned- large amounts of quick release/stored glycogen within the muscles (carbs/simple sugars)/proteins)) that allow us to run. But we need to understand that the higher the intensity for longer periods the less body fat we actually burn, and the body begins to burn into the protein of the muscle causing a decrease in the muscle and likely injury. Please don’t get me wrong about running it’s a great form of exercise that can help us maintain a healthy body once our bodies are physically ready; however, you’re probably thinking well then what type of cardio should I be doing? Tip #2 Walking Walking is a great way to start to lose weight and maintain. It’s less impact on your joints opposed to running especially when you’re beginning to exercise. Walking will help you maintain strong muscles and bones, as well as keep away many illnesses… Continue reading

  • Weight Loss Training

    Weight Loss Training

    Losing weight is a very simple concept that many of us over think. The key to losing weight is a variable in your lifestyle needs to change for example; starting to change your eating habits slowly with better food choices, smaller portions,maybe even eating slower and putting down your silverware after each bite. Changing this simple variable without even starting to exercise will start your progress towards weight loss. Once you notice a stop in progress which would be called a plateau, another variable needs to change. I would then recommend be to start exercising and continuing those healthy eating habits. This process may be slower than most people want, but are realistic changes that help build better habits and will help maintain that healthier YOU! Remember its about the journey NOT the destination! Another thing to weight loss is to understand what type of workouts or exercises to do to help effectively burn off body fat and increase muscle mass at the same time. The style of training I believe in is full body type workouts based off each individual’s fitness level. Which basically means when you start to workout the intensity of the workouts don’t have to keep you disabled for the next week because you’re so sore you can’t move. Its about easing yourself into a routine which you can maintain for the rest of your life, not just for now or the next 6 months. When starting to workout I recommend 2-3 times a week for the first month and allow your body to slowly adjust to moving again. Then as you start to progress and start feeling better you can start to increase the number of days a week. Call TODAY to schedule your consultation! (815) 207-9423


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