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I started my weight loss challenge on the day I looked down at the scale and it read 298. I had plantar fasciitis in my feet, Arthritis in one of my knees, and I just turned 41, but walked like I had 30+ more years on me. I started going to the gym and decided to give a trainer a shot. I may be worked out 2 days a week and when my trainer had her baby, well I took that time off as well (basically putting me back to where I started).

I then heard about Perfect Shape Fitness from my previous trainer. I thought I would give it a try. I continued with my same routine I did 2 maybe 3 days a week if I was lucky. I hurt, my feet, my knees there were some day I couldn’t even walk. I came home after each workout and put ice on my knees and took Advil every night before I went to bed. To this day I continue to ice my feet and sometimes my knees depending on the day we have at the gym, but I can happily say that after looking at the scale a few weeks back I am 27lbs lighter than when I started.

It takes a lot of scheduling and dedication going to the gym and also change of eating habits. I learned that after months of not losing anything that I had to change my change my diet. I also have 2 partners in crime that keep me motivated. One that I have met through PSF and we have started to grow our friendship into a healthy one. Healthy being that we can discuss our challenges and failures as they come and reward ourselves at the end of the week with some Starbucks (Yum). PSF has shown me that even though I will do some of the exercises with modifications I can still do them and shocked at how much that I can do.

Tim is a great trainer and cares about you from food choices to working the exercises around the pain of what one person can and cannot do. I am happy to have him along for the ride as it has been a lifestyle change for me and I now attend there 5 days a week, attend another gym 5 days a week, and also have water aerobics one day a week. There is no stopping now.

April M.

Let me ask you do you want to change? Do you have it in you? Let me tell you it’s not easy, it’s a challenge. You up for it? Here’s a little of my story. I have always been a bigger girl. Struggling with weight and depression,sometimes life gets the best of you. I was introduced to Perfect Shape Fitness in February 2015 did four classes and decided it was not for me. Too much work and being sore sucked! I was intimidated also, I just couldn’t do it. As the months went on I would say I was the biggest I ever was. We went to Six Flags and it was a struggle to get on some of the rides. It really got to me, I was pissed at myself.

I procrastinated to the end of July 2015 when i swallowed my pride and went back to Perfect Shape Fitness. I finally wanted a change for myself. I had to fight myself to keep going because I knew I needed a change for myself, not everyone else. The fight is going to get easier, but we will always have it. I never wanted to find out how much I lost or anything it was a mind battle for me,but I really care about the fact that if I was having a bad day I could count on Tim to talk me out of my negative thinking and my better half Brett. He is a big part of my life and the best supporter! As my journey continues I have meet a lot of great people one in particular whom is April.

We are really good at pushing each other and I am very grateful for meeting her at Perfect Shape Fitness. As of December 2015 I have dropped 30 pounds and 27 inches!! I am very proud of myself and hope I get stronger everyday. So if you want to battle yourself come to Perfect Shape Fitness. You will get the results you want, you just have to be patient and STICK YOUR BOOTY OUT!!

Heather K.

I started with Tim two and a half years ago. After belonging to different gyms, I tried one of his classes by the recommendation of a friend and was instantly motivated. Tim’s Mix and Match program is the only program that I’ve consistently stayed with. I have increased my overall strength, have met some really great people and most importantly live a healthier lifestyle!

Jamee B.

Great place to get you motivated!! Tim is awesome in showing perfect form. Guaranteed to be sore in muscles you didn’t know you had!!

Dave C.

Thanks to Tim and his workouts, I am proud of my arms. I’m over 60 years old and they look better after a year then they looked when I was 40, no jiggling!! Tim knows which muscles need work and how to access them. I do more weights with him then i think i can, but never hurt myself. He watches closely making sure your posture is correct, and the correct muscle is working. I highly recommend Tim as a trainer.

Paula L.

Six months ago I stumbled upon a Groupon for Perfect Shape Fitness. At the time I was recovering from a knee injury and told by my Orthopedic Dr. that gaining strength in my legs would improve the pain I was experiencing in my knees. After attending my first class, I knew Perfect Shape Fitness was a great place to help me achieve strength. Tim took the time that day, and still does today to ensure I am using proper technique while lifting weights, using resistance bands, doing sit-ups, etc. It’s obvious that Tim loves what he does, and he truly is there to help you reach your goals. In addition to all of this, his positive attitude is contagious and you can’t help but want to get better physically and mentally. Since joining, I’ve seen an increase in my overall strength and have seen toning to muscles I forgot I had. I highly recommend Perfect Shape Fitness.

Lori P.

I started at Perfect Shape Fitness a few months ago. I had checked around and did a few 1 free class at several different clubs in the area, and was very dissatisfied. The class was not personal training in a group setting it was group classes leaving many people especially me open to injury. From day one Tim modified what I was doing so I could obtain similar results without risk of injury. If you want to get in shape this is the place to do it. When I started I had terrible pain in my knees the pain is minimal now and I am getting stronger every time I attend a class. I cannot say enough about how great Tim and Perfect Shape are. This time I will reach my goal and maintain it.

Maureen K.

I just so happened to find Tim and PSF-I signed on for 12 classes and am most likely going to do more. All exercises are geared for each class participant’s skill and fitness level. It is a friendly and non intimidating place Very comfortable and motivating. I highly recommend!

Kathy Pecora

I was 15. I woke up and got dressed in the usual sweatpants and sweatshirt that I used everyday to hide my demons. I had been chubby all my life, but 210lbs and 15 made me feel like a walking blob that everyone stared at because I was too damn fat to walk up a flight of stairs, let alone a lap around our poorly lit gym. I knew that I couldn’t live this way anymore. I hated myself so much, so on that day, I asked my mom to please sign me up for the workout classes she attends. I had to wait till I was 16 but it was worth it. I needed to change. If I didn’t, I would’ve stayed that way forever.

Walking into Tim’s first class was, well, terrifying to say the least. Practically clutching my mom’s arm we stroll into the gym and she introduces me to a 6’3”, bearded, dare I say scary man. Until he smiled and gave me a firm handshake and his booming voice somehow made me calm. He was very supportive and understanding of my situation and he knew exactly how far to push me.

As the workout began, my lungs and heart were absolutely on fire and my stomach felt like it was going to come out my butt, but after, I felt refreshed and renewed. This was the moment I knew, I would be changing my life forever. From that day forward, I went on a strict diet, went twice a week to Tim’s classes and I lost around 40lbs of fat and gained about 15lbs of muscle in the past 4 years.

Currently, I’m 18 years old, a senior in high school and successfully achieving an A in powerlifting. Lifting is now a huge stress reliever for me and it is all thanks to Tim. He has completely changed my life and my confidence has sky rocketed. Thank you so much Tim, I will always remember you as the one who changed my life for the better. You’re like the big brother I never had, thank you again.

Kyle Z.

This is a gym with a purpose where individual needs are met. You will always feel good after a workout with Tim. You leave with a smile for a job well done. Tim’s high five says it all. It is always about proper form so that you get the most out of each exercise & so that there are no injuries. And Caleb also is another trainer who follows to the letter. Everyone needs to visit this gym to experience the thrill.

Dawn K.

Awesome trainer! Cares about his clients he wants the best for them in and out the gym and he will make sure you get to where you want to be with your body. Awesome guy to know to build confidence and he changed my whole life

Michael K.

My friend and I tried a few different places. Kickboxing was basically the same thing every class. The big gym was not a good fit and we did not feel comfortable there. We purchased a Groupon for Perfect Shape Fitness. From day one Tim makes you feel very comfortable. Tim’s passion about what he does is really the thing that pushes me when I am there. I especially like that he is more concerned about doing the exercise correctly then how many you can do and how fast can you do them. After years of working out you find out you may be doing some exercises incorrectly. Once corrected you can really feel the difference. I highly recommend you try Perfect Shape Fitness!

Sandra K.

I am so glad I found this place!! Tim is an amazing trainer. He is very motivating and really focuses his attention to form. He never stops teaching new things and making sure you are successful in whatever goals you may have. I have been to a few other trainers over the last year and Tim is by far the best!! The mix n match classes are very a great way to work out with friends but still get the individual attention you deserve.

Angie A.

I am so pleased to be working out at Perfect Shape Fitness, especially as a newcomer. Tim motivates, inspires and encourages everyone to workout harder. I prefer the small classes and how the workouts can be personalized to my needs. It has only been a couple of months but I have so much more energy and feel the gains in strength and endurance. I would fully recommend this gym to anybody looking to join.

Karen D.

I’ve worked with Tim for a long time, and have yet to have a complaint! Tim goes above and beyond as a trainer. He wants you to succeed and have fun working out. He has created an amazing environment where you will meet other awesome people on your journey to better health. I felt like I became part of a community of people trying to improve their lives. And it all starts with Tim and Perfect Shape fitness. I can’t say enough good things about him and the gym. Tim is the best!

Erin Decaire

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